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Forty Years with Birds and Dogs 

Poncho's Guilt

Meeting eye to eye at the shelter did it.
Poncho was with us for many years.
His body language was exquisitly readable.

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Bobbi Goose Bonds with Mother Lucy

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More Horse Sense

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Have some fun practicing horse gaits with your fingers.

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Animals communicate with their own and others in an amazing assortment of ways.

Octopus with Riubics Cube

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Willy--a dog that listens and understands


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Shared Emotions

Charley, Skates pup with baby Indra

A blog iin the Los Alamos Daily Post about what we share with other animals. A lot has been learned in the last few years, especially after the ground-breakinig work of Frans De Waal.

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Dog Psychology

Scooter looking uncertain about who she is.  The more we give homes to dogs, the more we learn how similar they are to us in the varieties of personality they can exhibit.

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Animal Verbiage

Lucy and Bobbi Geese and Turkey2

URL for my Los Alamos Daily Post monthly animal blog

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For the Love of Pigs

Getting to know the source of our favorite breakfast meat, bacon, can be a remarkable experience. They are at least as friendly and responsive as most dogs, with a few muddy differences. The story continues in the
LADP HenHouse
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