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A thousand years from now a young woman with an identity crisis defends the personhood of her alien and animal friends, as humans tackle their most difficult challenge.
In this sci-fi musical melodrama set in 3002 CE, aliens and humans discover the danger of putting too much stock in occult symbols.
Exploration of complexity, its indicators, embedded chaos, and value in human organizations.

Forty Years with Birds and Dogs
Care, Sharing and Talk

Horse Mysteries

October 13, 2016

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Human Self Image, AnimalCare

A must-read for anyone raising or training horses. Details about how to avoid making basket-cases out of these prey-sensitive, herd-social animals that need to eat slowly many hours per day. Review on the Hen House blog in the
Los Alamos Daily Post

Master Awareness

September 27, 2016

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DeeDee and the Birds
I can't remember when I began to wonder what my animal friends were thinking. As a child—growing up with Boots, a mixed "shepherd," I assumed she knew who she was and what she wanted to do with herself. I took her sniffing for granted, without questioning why she did it so (more…)

Jays Respond to Signature Whistle

September 24, 2016

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Human Self Image

It took only three times for the scrub jay to get it. I whistles three times then set out unsalted peanut behind the rock that we had used before the squirrels took over the bird feeder, emptying it at every visit. Now the jays get their treasures to bury on demand. Stories about animal interactions and smarts continues in the
LA Daily Post

How the Hen House Turns--Knowing Self

August 27, 2016

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Human Self Image

Ms. Khaki
Ms Kahaki knew were I left the trowel, knew that I couldn't refuse her gentle quacking request, knew where the wet mud full of worms was.LADailyPost

A Review of H Is For Hawk and Soul of An Octopus

August 7, 2016

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Human Self Image

My Painting from a photo (unknown origin)
The data keep rolling in--animals are conscious beings, more like us than we have admitted. So how do we adjust our behavior to account for their sentience, their emotions, even their rights? Is falconry too demanding. I find it amazing that aquarium octopuses were not thought to be interested in interacting as persons with us humans until the year 2000. Both books are easy, fascinating reads.

LADailyPost (more…)

How the Hen House Turns-Theory of Mind

July 12, 2016

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Human Self Image

Lucygoose, Ms.Ritz,&Kiebler (miniature mallards)
Are animals conscious of their own existence? Do they realize that other living beings have their own point of view (This is called Theory of Mind.)? The new science of ethology is awaking us to a new awareness of animal sentience and consciousness. For the latest article click here.

Is Cat Psychology Like Human Psychology?

July 8, 2016

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Human Self Image

Boots and pal Oscar circa 1952
Following 40 years with birds and dogs and how our human id is challenged by the other life.ladailypost blog How the Hen House turns

How the Hen House Turns-Living Peacefully With Squirrels

June 17, 2016

Tags: AnimalCare, Animal Consciousness, Human Self Image

Squirrels Are Not Dumb
This month I'm looking at a squirrel problem again. Last month, watching a gray mother squirrel study our bird feeder was a real eye-popper. End of story: Squirrel wins hands down.

Hen House stories continue below--40 years with dogs and domestic birds

What Does Wild Mean?

February 26, 2016

Tags: AnimalCare, Animal Consciousness, Human Self Image

Dealing with domestic birds and seeing them as individuals---like the wild ones.

Sentient Beings All Around Us

November 21, 2015

Tags: AnimalCare, Animal Consciousness, Human Self Image

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