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Forty Years with Birds and Dogs
Care and Respect

How the Hen House Turns 7. Strolling Coyote, Poncho and Raccoons

September 29, 2011

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Domestic Bird Care, Dogs

Poncho on adoption day March 1972
One day Strolling Coyote came by--the one who made a habit of moving along the back fence, setting off all the dogs, barking their heads off. Poncho, our young "Santa Fe shepherd," wasn't old enough to know better, (more…)

First Turkey Decides to Live

September 22, 2011

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Domestic Bird Care

First Turkey as a poult
A nursing mother coyote got First Turkey in broad daylight. We had made the mistake of leaving the birds out in the yard while we took Poncho to the vet for his rabies shot. (more…)

Turkeys Get It

September 15, 2011

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Domestic Bird Care, Dogs

I've decided turkeys are not really dumb. They've had a bad rap because they're not like chickens. (more…)

Dogs As Bird-Sitters

September 5, 2011

Tags: Dogs, Domestic Bird Care, Animal Consciousness

DeeDee watching birds
When our first chickens arrived in a cardboard box forty years ago, we had already adopted Poncho. As a "Santa Fe Shepherd," his instincts were just about right. (more…)

Dogs Are Required

September 1, 2011

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Domestic Bird Care, Dogs

Dogs are required to keep chickens safe at 7200 feet in a Ponderosa forest, or anywhere else raccoons reside, like Beverly Hill and probably New York City. We've had raccoons smash open a sliding door (too thin), rip the rails off a thicker sliding door frame, and cut a raccoon-sized hope in the unsupported middle of a chicken wire fence--just to get at my lovely hens and commit murder. (more…)
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