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Forty Years with Birds and Dogs
Care and Respect

Dogs Aren't Enough When It Comes to Hawks

November 27, 2011

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Domestic Bird Care, Dogs

My neighbors enjoy the fact that Cooper hawks nest in their back yard, which edges on the steep canyon that houses tall Ponderosa pines and a pleasant drainage stream up Walnut Canyon. Trouble is, there is no way that our dogs can protect a lone chicken from a hungry chicken hawk. (more…)

Bobbi The Baby Goose and Hawks

November 20, 2011

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Domestic Bird Care, Dogs

Bobbie and Mom Lucy, The First Morning
Two years ago, Lucy the goose decided to sit, again. In the wrong place--the Khaki Campbells' nest box. I hated to move them. They were new to the Hen House, and Ms Khaki was laying gorgeous green eggs for the allergic kid down the block. (more…)

Lucy Goose

November 14, 2011

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Domestic Bird Care, Dogs

Lucy and adopted daughter Bobbie last winter
We inherited Lucy the goose in 2002, when my vet, who lives next door, said she would have to put an ad in the paper. She couldn’t keep a goose in the house. (more…)

Animal Care—Geese

November 14, 2011

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Domestic Bird Care, Dogs

It’s not easy to find animal care for two dogs, one turkey, two geese, three chickens, four ducks, multiplying swordtails, and a neighboring peacock who comes and goes—but we lucked out. My vet lives next door, and her son loves both the animals and the money I pay for their care while we’re away. (more…)

Six Weeks on Dog Trails

November 1, 2011

Tags: Animal Consciousness, Dogs

This is the story of DeeDee (See blog of October 13.), the dog spayed at three months before her bones capped off. I wonder how many dogs will have to suffer bone problems until spaying is postponed to after the first heat. (more…)
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