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Rediscovering AnimalsĀ 

The Personhood of Aliens

Our musical "U.F.F.D.U.H", now updated as "U.F.F.D.A.," (music by Alice B. Kellogg, produced in 2007 by Los Alamos LIttle Theater) deals with the dangers of ignoring common sense and one's common senses in the face of strong currents of frightening dogma and so-called powerful symbols. I portray life, whatever form or physical chemistry it might take, as sharing basic needs. It can recognize and respect itself and others' personhood, regardless of its physical structure. In that sense, there is no such thing as alien life.
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Oil Production Wastes

"The Oil Patch Project" is a mystery set at the collision of the ranching, petroleum, and environmental cultures of New Mexico. Authored by Don Cary, the story is based on real-life adventures in the lonely battlefield of oil and gas regulation.

The regulation battlefield is lonely because few people are willing to bring factual arguments to counter the obfuscations by which industry seeks a carte blanche to contaminate the landscape for the sake of more fossil fuel.
See the book's concept and excerpts by clicking on the title "The Oil Patch Project" in the left column. Read More 

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