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Rediscovering AnimalsĀ 

Recommended Books

The book by Herman Daly and John Cobb "For the Common Good" is a detailed analysis of steady state economics contrasted with classical economic theory with its infinite substitution and necessity for growth. Though this was updated in 1994, it is still an excellent critique of economics and steady state thinking.
For the latest summary go to steadystate.org and check out "Enough is Enough" and the newsletter for CASSE (Center for the Advancement of Steady State Economy)

In a more recent book "The Necessary Revolution" Peter Senge (author of "The Fifth Discipline"), Senge tells encouraging stories about how large industries have turned around in their thinking. Using theories of how groups interact and paradigms change, Senge suggests practical ways of convincing businesses and other large groups to consider new options.

A must-read for my family is Donella Meadows "Thinking In Systems," the every-reader textbook I have been hoping to find. It is an easy read for anyone in any field of interest--critical for understanding complexity in every aspect of life and non-life. It does neglect the fun, unpredictable indicators of complex systems, like amplification and emergence, but those are treated in other books, also well written for non-scientists. See the Bibliography.

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