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Rediscovering AnimalsĀ 

#4."...Encouraging Scenes From a Steady State Economy"--Community

California poppies. Photo by Shawne Workman

Rob Dietz and Dan O'Neill Enough Is Enough, p.200. Don't miss the whole story.

In the 1950s the San Francisco Bay Area was surrounded by fruit orchards and countryside--brown rolling hills in summer dotted with huge oak trees that loomed in grand silhouettes when the hills turned green in winter. Tall eucalyptus lined the streams and roads. You drove through the hills for five miles or more before a collection of small farms signaled the appearance of a collection of shop-lined streets--the next city down the road. Streetcars laced the shops together if you didn't want to walk through town. You knew who owned what shop, which owner liked kids, and that the ice cream parlor was next door to the dress shop, right in the middle of town. There you could get real ice cream sodas, made with thick syrup blasted into the creamy dessert drink with a fizz-fazz spigot.

Such is the vision of Dietz and O'Neill in Enough Is Enough: Building A Sustainable Economy In a World of Finite Resources. We need to transition our economic focus from global to local and quit wasting energy shipping cardboard fruit all over planet Earth

We need the delights of those early 20th century communities. Some large city neighborhoods still provide the same convenience and resilience, the same sensitivity to local needs, including friendly connections to those who provide your most personal needs, like really chocolate milk shakes. The point is--the wealth needs to circulate within the community so one's small town doesn't lose its last book store, as ours did late last year. For decades this town supported three.

What has this got to do with the Hen House? I would love to have five acres near town, where Lucy and the gang could roam free.

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