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Rediscovering AnimalsĀ 

Dog Psychology

Scooter looking uncertain about who she is.

https://www.ladailypost.com/content/how-hen-house-turns-dog-psychology  The more we give homes to dogs, the more we learn how similar they are to us in the varieties of personality they can exhibit.

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Animal Verbiage

Lucy and Bobbi Geese and Turkey2

URL for my Los Alamos Daily Post monthly animal blog


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For the Love of Pigs

Getting to know the source of our favorite breakfast meat, bacon, can be a remarkable experience. They are at least as friendly and responsive as most dogs, with a few muddy differences. The story continues in the
LADP HenHouse
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The Owls of Los Alamos

Owl Napping LADP photo

PBS recently aired a good review of what we have learned about owls and the local PEEC has a great web site. Owls are the silent ones, the patient ones with a wonderful face that can turn any which way. The story continues in the
LA Hen House stories

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Mental Activity in Animals

DeeDee and me with the birds.

Recently we have been learning more and more about the extent of cognizance, awareness, and self-knowledge in the animal mind--all confirmed by our personal experience with domestic animals in our family home in New Mexico.

The story continues in the Los Alamos Daily Post:

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Friendships Between Dogs

Sisters--DeeDee and Scooter

A lifetime with dogs illustrates the importance of their friendships. Daily Post

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Animal Bonding

An article focusing on how animals have related to human beings and their own kind or others. Daily Post

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The Value of Sweet Talk

Young fox on a California urban trail
A Silicon Valley fox and a San Andreas Fault Squirrel have one thing in common--they listen to soft human communication.
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Monthly article focuses on animal brains and experience.

We are learning a lot about animal emotions. Seems were all cut from similar mental cloth.
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The Power of Awareness--we are not alone and never have been.

DeeDee--loyal watchdog for domestic birds

We are only now--in this decade or two--coming to realize that animals share our ability to know ourselves, be conscious, and share a number of mental insights that went unrecognized for way too long. The ancient wisemen did us and the animals a terrible injustice by assuming the latter were simply biological machines without

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