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Rediscovering AnimalsĀ 

Waiting for Ms.Khaki's eggs to hatch out

Mama Khaki

So far so good, except I think there are more chicken eggs in the lot. I fixed the fence so Gwendolyn couldn't get in and steal the nest, but chickens are remarkable gymnasts. Five feet mean nothing to their pogo stick legs. Someone should start a chicken polevault event at the next state fair. I still haven't figured out how Gwen gets into Ms. Ritz and Kiebler's pen. She can't get out after she lays her egg in Ms. Ritz's nest.

Another good jumping chicken was Peeky, who sat on twelve eggs, not just eight, for the allotted 4 weeks.We were gifted twelve eggs from a friend who lived in the valley, and I neglected to candle them. Only one hatched, with some difficulty. If the inner membrane is too dry and tough for the chick to get out, it takes a cooperative hen, a gentle finger in the peeping hole in the egg, and care not to rupture the veins attached to the egg--all that for a successful hatch. The result was Peeper, a beautiful game cock, who will be the subject of this blog several times before all his stories are told. For now, the story is Peeky's, a devoted mother, who could jump nearly ten feet to attack the crows sitting on the fence, sitting there in hopes of stealing corn or a snack of fresh protein.

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