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Rediscovering AnimalsĀ 

Happy New Year PP

Just a moment to honor one tough, honorable, bird. He comes to visit every day now, sometimes sleeps on top of the hen house or high up in the Ponderosas that inhabit our back yard. He appears when Bobbie goose hears the water running and starts honking, "Let me out of here." Then he waits on the hen house roof or the chicken pen fence until I've filled water pans and set out lay pellets for my ten birds. He may peck a bit at the food and drink I leave for him on the roof, then he joins the turkey, geese, chickens and ducks in the pen. He prefers to keep to himself. Probably because Red, the RI red chicken, took him on one day. In the lower pen he has a nice dog igloo lined with straw that gives him shelter when needed or a sun bath when the sun is out. His name is PP. He is a young peacock.

It only took PP a few days to figure out how to get into the pen. There's a gap in the chicken wire roof near the gate and another gap through the apple tree. He's mastered them both, so he can go home to his warm lamp under the neighbor's house whenever he likes.

He's getting bigger now. At least his neck is longer. It is covered with gorgeous iridescent feathers that change color as if lit from inside. The helpful web sites say they are tropical, but hardy and will eat anything. I can testify to their intelligence and sociability. When I trapped him twice--once to "save" him from a single digit overnight outside and once to treat a torn toenail--he was very gentlemanly. Not a peck. And very little struggle after he decided I meant to shut him up for the night or spray his toe with antiseptic. No arguments. He avoids me now, however. He does not like to be shut up at night. But then, who does?

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