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Rediscovering AnimalsĀ 

Little Things Mean A Lot, Given Time

Amplification they call it, in some books about complexity. The fact that when a lot of things are connected and act in nonlinear ways, a small change can trigger events that trigger other events until huge changes occur. Marketers would love to know how this works. How did Harry Potter trigger such a following? How does a small virus in a big ocean trigger a disease that changes the world? That's another story yet to be copy edited and set into design. And how did the Hen House come to be the home of 2 chickens, 2 geese, 1 turkey, and 4 ducks--when I didn't want more ducks. They're very messy and a lot of work with their dabbling--eating mud and washing it down, but loving clean water.

It all started with Dexter, a young rooster who needed refuge from a dominant cock who ruled the roost on a small farm twenty miles away. A friend took pity on him, and I took him in for a short time, until I found a fine home for him. Dexter was lovely, and I was hooked. He ended up challenging the resident rooster and they would fight until both sat down to rest, exhausted, together. I guess his life was full. And mind quickly became fuller, when I asked the host chicken lover if he had any hens to spare. He did, and after being some years without pets--you know, the kids go off to college and the dog dies--I was delighted to start repopulating the Hen House. The story continues every Tuesday.

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