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Rediscovering AnimalsĀ 

Serendipity or Just Good Timing? Nonfiction text re steady state economics parallels fiction in The Webs of Varok

Review of Enough is Enough by Rob Dietz and Dan O'Neill (to be released in January)

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH makes it crystal clear how and why we need to convert to a steady state economy. It is a book for anyone concerned with today's dilemmas, and an excellent text for students preparing to design the future. Rob Dietz and Dan O'Neill have handed us the prescription we need to cure the ills of our overused planet and to secure a perpetual, humane future for its life. There is no illegible scrawl in the prescription. The directions are laid out with precision--even the troublesome imperatives, like population stability. Each section begins with engaging anecdotes then illustrated with simple graphs.

In a striking, upfront conclusion, the authors express the need to recognize which nations need economic development to attain a good life for their people, those that should maintain their steady state, and those that need to plan and execute substantial degrowth. The benefits of a no-growth economy are beautifully summarized near the end, along with extensive notes on sources of information and a usefully detailed index. It should be required reading, not just for students.

Buried in the authors' reasoning, which tells us why we must take this medicine, are concepts that resonate--the need for technical development that is rationally selective, the need for legal ethics that do not allow the obfuscation of truth, and the need to deny business ethics that trample integrity in pursuit of the bottom line.

Dietz and O'Neill's pills may not be easily swallowed by some, but they are made quite palatable. We all want the same thing. We want human genius and the awesome diversity of life on Earth to survive the long-run--with health, ever-growing enlightenment, and joy in living for all.

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